Vine Revines and the Path to Social Fame

Vines represent a genuine 21st century cultural phenomenon: the spread of media across billions of people. Never before have so many people been able to see and enjoy the same thing so quickly. Videos that go viral catch people’s interestand, like a spark, the content ignites the viewer’s imagination and compels them to share it. A big reason for this happening is Vine Revines, or sharing, and many people looking to replicate this will actually buy Vine Revines.

Videos posted on Vine that feature some kind of value will be Revined, or shared. This can happen several times and each time it is shared it reaches newer and bigger audiences, producing a snowball effect. This how videos go viral and achieve millions of views.

Successful videos are mostly very short and contain humour, something shocking, scary or animals doing funny and unexpected things. There is money in viral videos too. If your video gets millions of views on YouTube for example, YouTube will pay based on the amount of clicks the video receives (assuming it is set up to be monetized). Estimates of earnings per 1000 views for a video on YouTube vary from $1.50 to $4.00, making it a lucrative business for those who can create content that attracts millions of views. A video is unlikely to go viral unless it is heavily shared on Vine and achieves a very high number of loops.

A lot of people seek to create some sort of income from video content posted on sites like YouTube, Facebook and Vine. People look up to “Vine Stars” and want to replicate their success (and bank balance). Vine Stars receive income off the back of advertising and endorsementsfrom companies that want to be associated with the brand created by the author of the videos.

The concept is simple: create a video on a media sharing site, promote it on Vine, have it shared and get paid for the advertising value that is creates. Many people create their own videos for fun or for self-expression, doing the exact same thing as these social media millionaires. But there is one difference, the content of Vine Stars gets Revined, time and time again.

Understanding that Revines are a necessarypart of reaching a wider audience, users will often buy Revines. This is a big, morally dubious area and the buying and selling of Revines is a big market in itself. Just Google “Revines” and you will see the results are almost entirely services offering to share your content on Vine to make your videos seem more popular than they really are. Yes, the world of internet marketing really is that cynical.

People think that buying Revines is an effective shortcut to getting their content shared. But in reality it doesn’t really work. There is no number of Revines that can be bought that will make a video go viral. A video may need to rely on more than its content to achieve a wide audience but decent content is must. Viral videos are shared because they engage the viewer in some way, whether it is by invoking laughter, shock or admiration – not by buying a few thousand Revines on Fiverr. When it comes to creating valuable content, there are no shortcuts

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